A companion tool to use with our SummitCRS or Ascent management system.
Scoreboard provides your collision repair shop with an integrated "lean" measurement tool giving you a LIVE score of what the production floor is producing daily. Scoreboard "keeps score" of your live business and production performance results in an easy to view and understand format.

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What is Scoreboard?

Scoreboard's keeps score of your daily production departments updating LIVE with your SummitCRS data. See all 14 production departments, set goals, and track LIVE daily performance of your production floor.

  • Does NOT require any additional User Licenses
  • Install on any workstation on the network
  • Available in Prime Toolkit
  • Available for SummitCRS v8

  • scoreboard dept view

    Displays All 14 Departments

    With the new Scoreboard interface, you can now see all 14 departments be on one screen! You can arrange the department coloumns to your liking and have the option to filter the departments. Making that much easier for your body shop!.

    Customizable Display

    Scoreboard has a new face lift and that means easier to use interface. With the ability to change the font, style, and size along with multiple choices of themes making Scoreboard mor personable.

    Set Expectations

    By utilizing goals within scoreboard your techs can know their expectations for daily output of each production dept and where they currently stand with those expecataions.

    Kiosk Mode

    Want to view Scoreboard on a full screen? It's easy! Just by clicking keystroke "M", Scoreboard can be in kiosk mode.

    View in Process

    Scoreboard convieniently displays the number of RO's currently in process for the displayed department.

    Last Cycle

    Scoreboard now tracks the time passed since last department cycle..

    View Workloads

    Scoreboard displays the hours remaining for each department, updating as your hours are flagged to the RO.

    Labor Throughput

    Scoreboard now has Lbr TP (Labor Throughput) column. Here you can now see how many hours were flagged that day for your body shop.