BoothPro is an easy-to-use scheduling tool designed to improve paint booth utilization by maximizing the number of jobs in each booth cycle. Schedule paint jobs daily to maximize your paint booth throughput. Set Daily, Weekly & Monthly goals to set expectations and track progress.

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What is BoothPro?

Booth Cycle Production Scheduling (BoothPro) gives you the ability to schedule, and set daily goals with an easy drag and drop system to create a more efficient job workflow. By including more repair orders per booth cycle increases the number of paint jobs you can complete each day. BoothPro keeps comprehensive daily and monthly stats that illustrate how effectively your shop is utilizing its paint booth.

  • No management system required
  • Free Upgrades
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Month to Month Billing

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    Meet End Goals

    With just one click you can set a daily, weekly, or monthly goal for your team.

    Schedule RO's

    Arrange your schedule with an intuitive drag and drop system that sets priority and maximizes booth throughput.


    View your workload with an easy to read color coded job class interface.


    View month to date stats on per cycle and overall booth stats including # of RO's, RO per Cycle, Hours per Cycle, Hours per Day, Cylces per Day and RO's per Day and your Booth Cycle Time.


    With no limit on User Liceneses you can install BoothPro on any machine with internet access. Veiw & Edit your scheduled from one workstation and it flows to all others.